Our Culture



Create a restorative community with positive relationships to overcome barriers empowering students for a lifetime of success.


Archer is an alternative learning environment for grades 9-12. The goal of our school is to eliminate any barriers to learning for students who struggle academically or socially. Many students come here because they're behind on credits or because they struggle in a traditional high school environment.


“Alternative education is an important nontraditional opportunity for intervention that some students participate in for ultimate academic, social, and emotional success”

Students participating in Archer’s traditional day program are assigned four class periods per day. Each period is a double blocked, meaning students spend approximately 90 minutes in each class. This allows for more one-on-one time for students and teachers. Because classes are double blocked students are able to accumulate two credits per each nine weeks.

Archer’s student-to-teacher ratio never exceeds 15-to-1, which allows for more individualized attention, personalization and support.


Archer supports students in achieving educational excellence throughout their high school career. Students accepted to Archer are still closely connected to Springdale High School, Har-Ber High School and Don Tyson School of Innovation. Upon completion of their graduation requirements, students will receive a diploma from their home school.

Students accepted to Archer have met the criteria outlined by Arkansas’ Department of Education. Additional information regarding admissions criteria or Alternative Education can be found on the state’s website.


Archer offers several avenues for students to find academic success. Eligibility for academic specific placement outside of Archer’s traditional day program is decided by Archer’s Success of Students (SOS) Committee. Archer currently offers the following academic programs:

  • Day School

  • Night School

  • Blended Virtual Learning

  • Archer Positive Intervention Center (APIC)


Students who may qualify for alternative services must first meet with their home school counselor, administrator and teachers. Based on current grade level, credits, attendance, individual situation, and success in the traditional school setting, students may be eligible to begin the admissions process. The home school will submit an application to Archer, which will be reviewed by the SOS Committee. Once approved, an Archer staff will schedule an Admissions Meeting.