Alphabet & Phonics
Row Column A - Lesson #1 Column B - Lesson #2 Column C - Lesson #3
Magic Paint Brush (color choices and art) LINK NEEDS ADOBE FLASH PLAYER
The Missing Pencil Story (listen and do) PAGE DOES NOT EXIST Create a Scene (using creativity)
2 Pick My Nose
(constructing and designing)
Alphabet Drawing Pad (art, drawing, and creativity) Alphabet & Phonics (seeing and hearing letters)
3 The Wishing Tree Story (listen & do) PAGE DELETED Counting for Fun (counting different items) Matching Picture Cards (combining words and colors)
4 Connect More Dots (learning letters in order) Clifford's Sound Match (words of same letter beginning) Caillou's Puzzles (fitting shapes in proper places)
5 Clifford's Puppy Letters (easy word spelling) PAGE IS DELETED  Letter Matching (upper & lowercase matching)
Henry and the Sugar Bugs (story about dental health) PAGE DOES NOT EXIST
6 Sight Word Bingo (word recognition) Match all the Fish (matching shapes) PAGE DOES NOT EXIST Make a Snowflake (artsy & creative crafts)
7 Make A Snowman (creative art fun) Monster Shopping Trip (puzzle and story) Gingerbread House (developing design)
8 Christmas Tree Trimming (design & art) NEEDS ADOBE FLASH Make a Monster (letter/object representation)
9 Caillou's Memory Game (matching) Music Memory Turtle (memorizing sequence) Keyboard Zoo (multiple skill drills)
10 Jigsaw Puzzles (free style puzzle solving) Virtual Goose (determining the difference) PAGE DOES NOT EXIST Frogger (using the arrow keys)
11 Kwala lost in the Maze (up, down, left & right exercise) The Butterfly Trail -Story (listen and do) PAGE DOES NOT EXIST Road Race (moving the mouse)
12 Breaking Bricks (movement with the mouse) Make a Snowman (creativity - winter art fun) Money Club (mouse action)
13 Train Conductor (fit the pieces of track properly) NEEDS ADOBE FLASH Carve a Pumpkin (creative art fun) Cut the Bush (creative design)
14 The Amazing Dare Dozen (speed and timing) A B C Order (organize alphabet in order) Bug on a Wire (Left, Right, Up, & Down Arrows)
15 Scrambler's Ramble (using up, left, & right arrows) Gingerbread Baby House (creative expression by design) Concentration 1 (matching)
16 Get an Ear Full (identifying different sounds) Clifford's Puppy Puzzles (simple online puzzle challenge) PAGE DOES NOT EXIST The Three Little Pigs (Follow Along Story)
17 Find Keyboard Letter (locating keyboard letter) Lilly the Wild Cat (creative choices) When Pigs Fly (Missing Letters)
18 Count the Colored Balloons (counting exercise) Breaking Bricks II (speed, timing, and color groups) Puzzles (fitting shapes in proper places)
19 Coloring Animals Online (choosing colors) Audio/Video Storyline Books (quality stories read online) Crawford the Cat (color word match)
20 Coloring Online (tons of coloring online) Shape Invasion (online coloring pages) Twins Week (read along story puzzle)